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Structural Beams

Structural Beams

The solid structural beams made from BVL is made with a patented technology that blends fibrous bamboo strips with a specially formulated resin using a unique processing technology.  Apart from being highly sustainable, BVL made for structural beam applications has exceptional strength-to-weight ratio compared to other high strength construction materials.  In fact, BVL is up to 3 times stronger than wood.  It also has superb dimensional stability, weather resistance, and resistance to decay and rot.

External wall claddings

External Wall Claddings

Sustainable and create design should not be hidden. The rustic look of extreme weather resistant and dimensionally stable BVL, specially fabricated as internal and external wall cladding is an eye-catcher. BVLfor wall cladding is fabricated based on costumer desire with layers of bamboo strips and adhesive matrix.

Sports Equipment

Intense Sport Equipment

Exceptional strength to weight ratio of BVL and its superb moisture resistant properties has made it a great eco-friendly substitute to carbon-fibre reinforced composites commonly used in Ski equipment and skate boards.

Prime Furniture

Prime Furniture

Artistically designed and lasting furniture made from thin and yet strong BVL is a great replacement for wooden furniture currently dominating the market. Widuz cares about forests.